Direct voluntary support is needed to help us expand, and to help more people throughout Untied States and eventually, internationally. We need you’re financial and logistical support to help us prevent the conditions that lead to violence. The appropriate resources will help us prevent more deaths of domestic violence victims and their children. In suburban neighborhoods, rural communities and inner cities we can create safe haven facilities and areas.

The following is a list of ways in which your direct financial and logistical assistance can help us in our mission. Our goal is to change the way the world views the need for violence, to demonstrate protection rarely requires violence, prosecution and incarceration. By teaching non-violent strategies to prevent violence and teach people how to keep themselves and their families’ safe by denying the opportunity for violence to occur. Our mission is to enable people and law enforcement to create non-violent outcomes and make the world a safer place.

Threat Management Center’s facilities should be located throughout the United States offering three primary functions. Information, education and physical assistance for the public safety.

Housing Assistance: To shelter individuals and families who are in danger from a violent aggressor(s).
Condo / Apartment / House/ Hotel Room

Transportation Assistance: To transport people whose lives are in danger, perform protective patrols, scanning communities for threatening conditions and not allowing them to negatively affect people’s lives.

Vehicles/SUVs/Vans/Armored Trucks/Moving Trucks/Gasoline


First Aid Kits
Family Games / Activities
Cell Phones
Personal Threat Management Training for individuals and families

Health & Wellbeing:
Counseling / Psych /Medical Services
Veterinarian Services
Clothing for the family
Hospital Visitation
Emergency Disaster Relief Teams:
To immediately respond to emergencies, natural disasters, floods, fires, and earthquakes anywhere humanitarians need assistance in order to provide Threat Management physical safety for aid workers as well as victims in the region.

Please call 800.525.3491 to pledge your support in all ways that you can help us help others!