The ENFORCER-TECH SYSTEM is designed to empower law enforcement professionals with an individual skill set. The objective of this system is to decrease the opportunity for violence. The N.I.C.E. program (non-injury compliance and extractions) emphasizes tactical psychology to read body language and project body language. The tactics and strategies taught in this program results in the reduction of injury and death of both citizens and law enforcement personnel.

The ENFORCER-TECH SYSTEM is designed to empower the officer with options, based upon their individual objectives. Law enforcement professionals will learn how to release the holds of aggressors, control combatants and immobilize perpetrators with three moves.

The ENFORCER-TECH SYSTEM is designed for rapid assimilation and ease of retention under real world, stress and duress. This system combines tactical psychology, tactical law and tactical skill.

The most important benefit of the ENFORCER-TECH SYSTEM is that it utilizes almost no strikes. As a result, officers will reduce damage to their hands and most importantly the perpetrator will have no visible injuries. Omitting strike techniques will reduce the blood loss and bone damage by 90%.

Subsequently, lawsuits will be reduced significantly for the law enforcement community. The results of this program will elevate public confidence in law enforcement and improve community relations.

Enforcer-Tech Motto:
“The Will and the Skill to Avoid the Kill”