1. If you see something or someone suspicious, call 911 immediately and take notes, pictures, and video.

2. When you call 911 always ask the operator for their ID # first.

3. Change your time, method, and route that you travel daily.

4. Don't give out any personal information to anyone except verified police.

5. If a person says that they are a police officer they will have a badge and a photo ID. If you are still unsure, call 911 quickly.

6. Monitor your children on the internet by chatting with them posing as a stranger seeking a relationship. (Then you will know how your child will respond to a stranger.)

7. A violent predator will try to appear as harmless as possible before attacking.

8. If you believe someone is following you in a car, call 911 and go to the police station.

9. Look around and inside of a car before you enter or exit a car.

10. Check all windows, doors, and the perimeter of your home or business before entering, exiting, or sleeping.