The Threat Management Center is a community-based organization that helps create nonviolent outcomes out of situations that would have otherwise been conducive to violence. The team of highly skilled tactical operatives volunteers their time within the community to help victims of domestic abuse, stalking, and violent crime.

Services we render for the elderly include:

  • Escorts to and from locations to ensure safe departure and arrival.
  • Patrols of the neighborhood to ensure that safety standards are met and predators are not targeting the elderly.
  • Medical response checks; if your elderly relative or neighbor is not responding, we provide medical checks to ensure that they are well.
  • Vehicle transportation for those who are unable to attend needed appointments to the doctor, grocery store, or family functions.

If you are a senior citizen living in danger within your own home please contact us immediately at 800-525-3491. We have a variety of programs and services to ensure your comfort and well-being.