Mission Statement

The survival scouts program is designed to empower children through specialized skill set development. This program will increase success of youths by increasing their feeling of safety through training.

A byproduct of enhanced safety training is a feeling of well-being that child psychologists believe is necessary to reach full potential as adults.

This program teaches youths how to understand psychology, law, and skills to enable them with the ability to manage threats to their safety, the safety of their families, and the safety of their community.

An intrinsic component of the survival scouts youth team is the S.E.T. program (success, etiquette training). This component teaches youths ages 5-17 to understand how to project professionalism and leadership to enhance employability and individual marketability. This program also emphasizes the importance of self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

We believe that confidence is gained through competence. Curriculum includes the following: trauma first aid; police command and compliance communication; gun disarm; knife disarm; drug, alcohol and gang avoidance; predator psychology and evasion; fire safety; anti-abduction training; verbal articulation; elocution; instruction ship, mentorship.

The survival scouts team program is designed to elevate children’s practical survival skills by making them smarter, stronger, and therefore safer and all training is based on the foundation of fun learning.

Survival Scouts Youth Team Motto:
“Safe children make successful adults”