***Note: This is a professional, tactical training and facilitation organization devoted to public safety. Due to the serious nature of this type of training, we will not permit inappropriate people to acquire this knowledge. We do not allow convicted felons to train in our classes. All persons who desire to train must have no felony convictions or domestic violence charges in their history. (We will conduct criminal history verification on all visitors to our tactical training facility.)

All persons who wish to train must have valid identification.

Urban Survival Tactics Program
This is a basic training program and is a prerequisite for all advanced training. Our programs are simple to learn, easy to train, and battle proven. We know these tactics and strategies will work for you and your family because we have tested our programs in real world force on force conflicts in urban high threat situations. Civilian and law enforcement professionals have utilized our tactics successfully reducing force escalation, avoidable injuries, and death for over ten years.

The Urban Survival Tactics (U.S.T.) program consists of three levels. Each level of training requires 15 hours to certify or 10 hours to complete with no test requirements. Manuals are issued to each participant in every program and certificates are issued upon completion of training records corresponding with each level of training.

The training center is open Monday through Friday from 7PM-8PM.

Course Packages Available:

Private Training - Per person per class rates.
Course Package - 10 Hours of training within a 1 month period.
Hourly Training - Hourly rate per person applies.
Unlimited Monthly Training - Monthly rate.
Life Time Family Membership - Unlimited training for a family, or group, of up to 10 people.

See our on-line store for current pricing or to sign up for training.

FREE Family Friday Training
Free Family Friday class is available every Friday from 7PM - 7:30PM. Participants must have a family member with you or be a victim of violent crime. Otherwise, participation is $25.00 per class.

Enforcer-Tech Police Program
All active duty police officers receive one complementary hour of training per week. Additional training is offered at a 50% discount. Training is available Monday - Friday. Call for an appointment.

Private Training
We can come to you and train you at your home or office.

Corporate or School Workshops
Personal Threat Management Workshop

Corporate or School Presentations
Professional Threat Management presentations for corporations or universities.

Private Advanced Training
Private training with instructor Brown, founder of Eclectikan Survival-Combat tactical training systems.

See our on-line store for current pricing or to sign up for training. We accept credit and debit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Discover.