This tactical training program, is designed to empower practitioners with the ability to create safety through non-violent strategies, tactics and logistics. Our programs are simple to learn, easy to retain, and battle proven. We know these tactics and strategies will work for you and your family because we have tested our programs in real world, force on force, conflicts in urban high threat situations. Civilian and Law Enforcement professionals have utilized our tactics, successfully reducing force escalation, avoidable injuries, and death for over 20 years.

The UST programs consist of three phases, 100 tactical training levels per phase. Phase I escape tactics, Phase II control tactics and Phase III immobilization tactics. Manuals are issued to each practitioner in each phase and each level of training includes documented training levels. Certification based upon successful examination.

This is an anti fighting system designed for urban survival, not for sport competition.

UST Component I teaches a practitioner how to understand the body language of violent criminals, and how to project to the predator not to target you, your family, your community or your workplace for violence. This is the foundation of all training. It empowers a practitioner with the ability to be ahead of predator intentions and actions, allowing a practitioner to manipulate them and create a non-violent outcome.


UST Component II teaches a practitioner how to legally defend against violent criminals. Understanding civil and criminal exposure will enable a practitioner to make the best decision to decrease the likelihood of a negative legal outcome.


UST Component III teaches a practitioner how to physically escape, control or immobilize any attacker within three movements or less, armed or unarmed. By understanding human bio-mechanics, human reaction time, skeletal and muscle limitations. Size and strength, timing and conditioning are of no importance. Emphasis is placed upon creating closure without injury and using the least amount of force to create safety.