We are a community service organization that volunteers our time to help people in need. The services we provide vary greatly from court escorts to trips to the grocery store. As our mission states: the objective of our organization is to make the world safer by denying the opportunity for violence to take place. By using tactical psychology, tactical law, and tactical skills, we create conditions which, by design, are not conducive for violence. VIPERS Threat Management emphasizes the use of deterrence, detection, and defense to achieve non-violent outcomes.

If you are a person looking to make a difference in your community, or in someone's life who is in need of help, please contact us at (800) 525-3491. Any financial or timely support is greatly appreciated. As a community based organization, and non-discriminatory company, we will not deny anybody the opportunity to impact a life in a positive way.

Community service hours can be volunteer based, or completed as fulfillment of community service hours that corporations or educational facilities require. Our operations are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there are several opportunities to make a difference. If you are a dedicated person looking to volunteer your time and efforts to improve the quality of life within your community, please contact us.